Indoor Air Quality

Portable Gas Analyzers

Snifit® + Personal Safety Monitor

Snifit + CO Analyzer
  • Instant and continuous CO monitoring
  • Measurement range of 0-2,000 ppm
  • LED visual, audible and vibrating alerts for low/high, TWA and STEL conditions.

Monoxor® Plus

Monoxor Plus
  • Advanced Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
  • Instantly, accurately measures CO (0 - 2,000 ppm in 1 ppm increments)
  • Detachable probe for direct flue gas sampling
  • Stores up to 10 records, printer available

Comfort Chek® 400

Comfort Chek 400
  • Portable Air Quality Monitor
  • Low cost and easy to use indoor air quality monitor (IAQ) designed with three sensors that simultaneously measure and record temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide levels in air

IEQ Chek™

IEQ Chek
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Monitor
  • Versatile multi-sensor instrument for measuring, monitoring and recording indoor environments for air quality diagnosis

Snifit® 50

Snifit 50 CO Analyzer
  • CO Analyzer
  • Ideal for ambient air safety checks on residential appliances, home inspection, and HVAC service

Temperature and Humidity Instruments

Sling Psychrometer

  • Calculates RH from dry and wet bulb temperatures
  • Accurate within +/- 5%

Dual-Channel Digital Thermometer Model TH3000

  • Measures two areas simultaneously
  • Features data-hold and max-hold functions

Humidity-Temperature Meter Model TH1800

Humidity-Temperature Meter Model TH1800
  • Electronically measure humidity and temperature
  • Features data-hold and relative functions